Smart Battery Charger Positive and Negative Pulse Adjustable 12V Short Against



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Product Description

Input Voltage: 180V~250V


1. Power the charger maximum load power 250W, maximum output current of 20A. All of core of the charger is AC-DC power supplies, power supply is the value of power.   Good things came out, both parameters are welcomed and any charger.

2. Adjustable current the charger provided 3 stall current stalls, 3A,10A,20A, respectively. For high-power charger to meet different capacity batteries charging current adjustable is necessary. Some vendors claim that current is not responsible for automatic adjustment, are misleading buyers. Automatic current regulation essence is in battery-charging process, the charging current will automatically charge time smaller. However, a lack of electricity initially remained high current charging battery charging.

3. 12V DC power the charger can be used as a 12V DC power supply.

4. Short against

5. Positive and negative pulse fix the charger containing positive and negative pulse automatic fix. When charging is completed, automatic battery charger to the positive and negative pulses rehabilitation. Note that this one vacations mode, this is the positive and negative pulses. Independent design of pulse circuits.

When in a State of repair, sound mild regularity the charger is normal