12-Volt Car Battery Charger Accumulator 20A High Power Battery 200AH-6AH



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Product Description

Input Voltage: 180V~250V 

20A lead-acid battery smart fast charger manual
The charger is a lead-acid batteries and lead-acid battery water high switching power supply dedicated quick charger , with small size, high efficiency , high power, wide input voltage range, the advantages of easy to use , it also according to the battery characteristics of the degree requirements and complete loss of electricity charging mode automatically selects the charging process is completely automated ( constant current, constant voltage, float ) , to overcome the old-fashioned low-frequency charger overcharge or insufficient charging , etc., to reduce battery water loss , to the greatest limits extend battery life , the output plug of red and black alligator clip , clip battery cathode red , black clip battery negative , do not reverse !
Technical parameters: the constant value : 14.8 +0.2 V
                                       Float voltage : 13.8 +0.2 V
                                             Constant : 20 +2 A
[Applicable ] Battery Battery 200AH-6AH
For general transport batteries that can be used to charge cars, ships and other batteries.
Applies to both private car battery , can be used forklifts, small lawn mower battery.
For fixed type batteries can be used in power systems , UPS power supply , lighting, and other rechargeable power batteries.
The main performance
 The charger is a standard three -stage battery charger , the first phase of the cross-flow charging the battery until the battery voltage reaches a predetermined threshold into second after constant pressure ( pressure limiting ) charging , and thereafter as the battery charge increase charge current gradually decreased , while reducing the current value to a certain extent the charger turns green from red (in this case the basic full battery charge , turn green after a small current charge ) , then still charging , the model is floating charge , ( when the charge voltage is reduced to comply with the optimum voltage value of the battery floating charge mode , even if the battery charge long at this voltage is not damaged )
Instructions for use
Please clip the charger output on the red battery positive , black clip on the battery negative and ensure reliable connection and access to 220V power charger , when the indicator turns red when the red to green , indicates that most of the current has filled into small current maintenance charge state. After charging is complete , unplug the power charger first , and then remove the clip .
  1 confirmed a rechargeable battery pack , the battery pack and charger voltage.
  2 charger emits heat, be sure to maintain good ventilation , do not cover the charger . Not close to flammable items, can not be used in wet or water washout areas.
  3 Do not reverse the battery ( if reverse blown fuses , need their own replacement )
  4 . The Chargers have hypertension, non- professionals are not themselves open
  5 The products are sold within one year the implementation of three bags of product quality , such as the unauthorized opening , repair , do not provide after-sales service
  6 After a long time if the battery charge indicator is still red, and the battery has a fever phenomenon , indicating that the battery is fully charged . This phenomenon indicates that the battery aging , from powder serious , nothing to do with the quality of the charger .
Extend the green battery charging time is conducive to maintenance