12V 20A Car Battery Charger Lead-Acid Battery Digital Voltage Display 180v-250v



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Product Description

Input Voltage: 180V~250V
Product description: this charger uses high frequency power supply technology, the use of advanced charging technology of intelligent dynamic adjustment, pulse of restoration and conservation of dynamic digital display technology. Constant current/current/constant voltage/pulse/trickle charging intelligent multi-stage, with a high charging efficiency, simple operation, light weight, small volume, truck-easy to carry and so on. And has a reverse (reverse burning fuse, would be free to change), overload, short circuit, overheating and other safety features and delay start, soft start, power failure memory since the start. Charging battery control technology with science, can be automatically converted to floating battery after sufficient to ensure sufficient battery, however, not under-filled charge, extending battery life.
The charger fuse output reverse polarity protection, an alternate distribution a 20A fuse, reverse the burning fuse, please make your own replacement. (How to identify anti-burnt fuse: charger green lights, no output voltage, two clamps touch each other light doesn’t turn red, export insurance reverse burnt out and needs to be replaced. ) This machine for lack of electricity below 10V the battery still charging and can be used as a 12V electrical power supply, a dual-purpose machine.
Product parameter: charging voltage: 14.8 ± 0.3V float charge voltage: 13.8 ± 0.3V charging current: 20-2A transition current: ± 0.5A volume 3: 17.2*9*5.6cm
Instructions for use: before you connect the charger into 220V power supply, then output the Red clamp clamp on the battery positive pole, black clip on the battery negative pole and reliable connection, lights turned red when red to green (or light starts to blink), indicating that most of the power is fully into maintenance charging small current (positive and negative pulses or repair status). Float charge maintenance (repair or pulse) after about 30 minutes, charging can be ended. When charging is complete, first disconnect the charger power supply, and then remove the clip. (On the positive and negative pulses fix: this charger contains positive and negative pulse fix, in the late charge to the battery through the positive and negative pulses to repair, but each battery to be positive and negative pulse repair, do not need repair, or we can’t fix battery, charging directly into green floating at the end. )

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