Car Auto Shock Absorber Spring Bumper Power Cushion Buffer (pack of 2)



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Product Description

1. Effectively solve problem of springs weakness when heavy load & improve performance of shock absorber.
2. Improve driving comfort and more stable during curve corner.
3. Reduce pumping of absorber when passing through road hump or yellow line.
4. Reduce noise and vibration during traveling
5. Protect shock absorber and suspension system to avoid oil leak.
6. Extend absorber life more than 2 times.
7. Improve braking efficiency.
8. Size for all type of car including lowered spring and adjustable.
9. Easy installation

Type A B C D E F
Gapping of Spring (mm) 47 37 27 23 15 12
Spring Thickness (mm) 13 13 10 10 9 15
Spring High (mm)Spring Diameter (mm) 75173 65160 55131 48113 39112 38120




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A, B, C, D, E, F


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