DC 12V/24V car battery charger intelligent pulse charger with battery repair

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Product Description

Item Description

Actual power: 140W
Frequency: 50-60hz
Voltage Range: 120V-250V
Product Weight: 0.8kg
Product Dimensions: 175mm x 130mm x 70mm
Output Cable Length: 95cm
Out of Line Length: 60cm

1. Overheating protection, low voltage protection, short-circuit protection, anti-received protection.
2. New quality components produced.
3. Environmental nontoxic material.
4. Work quality non-General factory products.
5. LED LCD display.
6. Efficient smart thermal fan.
7. Using range: various motorcycle, household car, business long, small van, 12V 24V 6AH-105AH battery, water battery, dry battery (from maintenance battery), lead acid battery, lithium battery.
8. Because it is in pulse charging status, must repair of battery. 

The following is an intelligent battery charger for 12V battery charging time is about reference :
( The actual charging time of completion is according to the real capacity of the battery ) .


7AH 9AH 10AH 20AH 32AH 36AH 45AH 60AH 80AH 105AH
Time(Hours) 2-4h 3-5h 4-6h 5-8h 6-10h 8-11h 9-13h 13-18h 15-20h 16-25h

Note: Please use manual charging mode with caution, which needs artificial monitoring, in case over charging!

Multiple Protection:
1. Overheating protection: the charger when the charger temperature exceeds 105 ° c protective shutdown, no current output at this time, when the temperatures drop about 80 ° c, or when turning off the power for ten minutes and then resumed.
2. Short circuit protection: the charger automatically shuts down when the accident occurred while the charger output short-circuit output and beep alerts, eliminate short-circuit, the correct connection automatically after the recovery charge.
3. Reverse connection protection: when the battery charger output when the positive and negative contrast with storage, the charger automatically switches off the output and beep alert, correct polarity of connection will be restored automatically after charging.
4. Low voltage protection: when the battery voltage drops below 10V charger cannot start, avoid damaged battery and charger voltage does not match the device.

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