DC 12V/24V 20AH-200AH car battery charger intelligent pulse with battery repair

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Product Description

Product Configuration
dedicated intelligent microcomputer chip full control , using broadband
pulse technology , battery detection circuitry, four automatic battery
charging ( pre-charge – Constant Current – Constant Voltage – trickle ) .
Switching power charger can achieve constant value of the constant
pressure and other control stoped , constant voltage output means when
the input voltage is within a certain range of variation within a stable
voltage value ( as well as by the constant current control ) , constant
refers to the entire process of charging current does not exceed the
set , has the role of protecting the battery and charger after charging
is completed in a trickle float charge state. Raise rates and reduce
battery powered cell loss rate , charge the battery completely prevent
hot filling drums. Temperature compensation of the charging voltage to
maintain adequate winter , but in summer the charge . Because it is
pulse charging, the battery has some repair. Than older cattle ring core
, silicon steel charger
Charging the work efficiency saving thirty percent !
Standby saving work three times !
Actual power : 600W
Voltage range : 180V-250V
Operating Frequency :50-60HZ
Model : DQWL-30
Charging Mode: Manual/Automatic
Specifications : 205mm × 150mm × 90mm
Weight : 1.5kg
 Our automatic quick charger mode prefilled – Constant Current – Constant Voltage – Trickle
    12V battery charging for the actual output current of about 25A,
    24V battery charging for the actual output current of about 20A,
    The actual current demand depends on constant current constant voltage battery charging .
    Constant when charging is completed since stopped automatically converted to trickle float mode
    At this constant current of about 0.3A,
current size may need to be adjusted according to the user to better
protect the battery as the battery is not an urgent need to use the
battery recommended 10/1 on the battery charge . The following is an
intelligent battery charger for 12V battery charging time is about
reference :
 ( The actual charge completion time for the real capacity of the battery ) .
   20A battery to 1 – 1.5 hours
   When the battery 32A to 2 – 3 hours
   When 36A battery to 3 – 4 hours
   When 45A battery to 4 – 5 hours
   When 55A battery to 5 – 7 hours
   When 60A battery to 6 – 8 hours
   80A battery to 7 – 10 hours
   105A Battery – 8 – 12 hours
   120A Battery – 9 – 13 hours
   150A battery to 10 – 15 hours
   200A Battery to 12 – 18 hours

Note: Please use manual charging mode with caution, which needs artificial monitoring, in case over charging!


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