12V 20A Car Battery Charger 6-300AH Digital Display Automatic Repair 180V-250V



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Product Description

Input Voltage: 180v – 250v (Please pay attention to the voltage before purchasing, thanks!)

–1. 3-20A current stepless adjustment: The maximum charging current can be controlled manually.
–2. Dual digital display voltage and current.
–3. Support the battery voltage measurement.
–4. 12V DC power supply: Easily meet the power needs of all types of 12V appliances.
–5. Positive and negative pulse manually repair: The machine contains a positive and negative pulse repair, which is better than the pulse repair, with separate positive and negative pulse generating controls the circuit, support oscilloscopes and other instruments to measure.
–6. Pioneered turn battery capacity selection function, perfect gains almost all 6 – 300AH battery capacity.
–7. Emergency start-up: Specific operation: when the car cannot start due to battery power loss, connect the charger to the power supply, adjust the current to maximum, charge more than ten minutes, then you could start up the car with the charger and battery.
–8. 20A strong output current.