14100mAh Digital display Car Jump Starter with Emergency Hammer Portable Charger



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Product Description

Parameters :

Battery Capacity :14100 mAh

Output Voltage
Car Start : 12V
USB Output :5V 2.1A
Charging Mode: CC/CV 12.8V 1A
Starting  Current : 200A
Peak Current : 400A
Cycling Use Time : 1000 times
Operating Temperature : 0~45℃

Function :
1: Jump start 12V Petrol and vehicle .
2: Charge for 12V 19V laoptop and electric machine
3:Charge for different model of ipad and mobile phone
4:Can use as SOS light .LED light .

 Product description:
1. Select the appropriate voltage and connector for charging electronic equipment / supply
2. Allow the device to connect with EPOWER , press the switch , the power supply immediately ; unplug the cable, automatic sleep within a minute
3. EPOWER to charge , five lights flashing cycle , five full bright end of charge
4. With power display function as an external device charging / power indicator lamp display, showing a built-in battery is 20% , showing two , power is 40%, and so on . When the power is low, five shiny
5. To use LED lighting function , press the key to open five seconds to start lighting function , after a short press on the key switch lighting condition. As follows: light , strobe , SOS, close
6. place the product in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight

Product Special note :
When the car starts to 12V , make sure the positive ( + ) and black clamp clamping battery power indicator negative EPOWER in three or more, the red battery clip clamp ( – ) pole ; then the battery cable connector into EPOWER, automobile ignition switch to start (START) position. After the car starts , immediately pull the plug , then remove the battery clip clip.

Product Features :
Patented technology, like the smallest and lightest;
14100mAh high capacity using high-power polymer batteries , to support fast charging, low self-discharge , charge and discharge cycles up to 1000 times;
Support 12V car emergency start , the brand mobile phones , PSP, MP3/MP4 handheld PDA, laptop and other products charge / power supply , along with lighting function;
Multiple safety protection design to ensure zero defect products .

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