12 LED Daytime Running Light For Buick Encore 2013 2014 2015

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Product Description

Note:Please check your the front bumper type of your is whether like us before your order .This Light is for Opel Mokka Buick Encore 2012 2013 2014 use.

Directly connected battery positive or ACC and negative.
When car on, DRL on; Car off ,DRL off!
Does not affect car factory warranty!

Introduction of this product:
Color Temperature Range: 6000-6700K
Power: single 1 W
Rated operating current: less than150mA
Current stability: less than + 2mA (24 hours)
Brightness :70-90LM (left and right strict symmetric )
Color: White

LED input indicators
Rated input voltage: BATTERY 12V
Rated Input Current: 0.8A to 1.2A (depending on the style and decide)
Rated power: 5-8W

Operating temperature -40 ~ 50 degree
Storage Temperature -50 ~ 80 degree
Protection features: reverse polarity protection, open circuit protection.
Waterproof type of measurement: After the rain simulation tests and immersionsimulation tests
Package: 1pair lights with wires


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